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Oh man, the 6/8 always makes my ‘Pirates’ feelings tingle. Specially when it’s as epic sounding as this. Could’ve been the new score for the next instalment. The song has a great way of keeping you interested. The dynamics are great and your use of instruments simply amazing. Thanks!

VociferousMusic responds:

Oh wow! You gotta be exaggerating with this. I mean do you really think this piece has the potential to replace a master piece that was rewarded by the Oscar? I think not :D. If that really was the case then I gotta be speechless about it as that would beat my highest expections of how experienced my skills are at the moment!

However, what I wanted to add about my feedback of your composition: Yes, you definitely did very well and you made me have my own thoughts when listening to it, which is very nice! But let me explain you my point. You seem to compose lots of different genres, but when it comes to cinematic music, in my opinion it also is very important to hit the topic of what you are supposed to compose for. My personal goal is to actually compose a full score for the cinematics and therefore it's very important to underscore certain scenes and to emphasize the right feelings.
I usually set up a rough scenario before I start composing. I share my idea of what the soundtrack expresses with people to gather their agreement whether my soundtrack expresses what I personally thought it is supposed to.

Thank you for the feedback in return! :)

Okay, so here’s a piece I really like. The sounds you use are amazing, hands down. I totally get your description of the city being under attack. It surely sounds and feels epic with enough hopefulness.
My only complaint, if you can even call it that, is that maybe you could’ve panned the instruments a bit more. There’s a lot going on in the ‘middle’, where as I think that if you’d put some instruments more to the left or right it would be a bit clearer and give a broader field of sound. If that makes sense...

aenter responds:

Thank you very much for your words! I really appreciate it!
Also You're damn right about panning. Totally forgot about it lol

So, here I go. I like the melodies and harmonies, a lot. The one thing hitting me mostly is the ‘computerised’ sounds of it all. It misses a sort a realism imo. It sounds a bit flat. I think a lot can be fixed with some proper reverb on most of the instruments. And maybe some humitization (humanize) on the midi-tracks. (Make it a bit more like actual humans played it). Other than that, great choice of instruments. Thanks! Cheers, Chris

Quebi responds:

Oh yeah, I totally forgot to humanize in my hurry to get it done. Funnily enough, the flute and clarinet parts are actually live recordings of me playing those parts.

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