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2010-07-17 18:13:18 by ChrisisD

Hey all!
I've been working on quite some songs since I last wrote here. My latest is my take on minimal techno. Although it turned out to be way more funky than "real" minimal I really like it. Sort of a mix between minimal and st germain. The title is The Good, The Bad and The Minimal. Hope you take a listen and tell me what you think!
Cheers. Chris

Nord Electro 3!

2009-08-19 05:02:31 by ChrisisD

Well got the samples of a Nord Electro 2... The whole Clavia Melotron stuff, awesome and all, but... I want the real deal!! :P So... not long anymore (bout 3 weeks) then I finaly got my Nord Electro 3!! The best vintage synthesizer out there! It has an unbeaten B3 organ, drawbars and leslie and stuff all there. It has Rhodes MKI and MKII and ofcourse all sorts of Wullizers and Clavinets. The best machine there is for the funky/jazzy pianist!! Wait, did i mention i play in a few bands? :P So I kinda need it really bad! :P

PS... I'm gone for the next 3 weeks... so I might not respond to anything ur saying...

Nord Electro 3!

Collab anyone??

2009-06-15 14:08:23 by ChrisisD

Hey there!
I'm almost through this year of study! Two more weeks of intensive studies and finals, but i'll survive! (At least thats what I'm counting on) But then what? Vacation... Hell Yeah!!
I'm going to put alot of time into making music ^^ And what would be greater than doing that with or for someone! So if you need music for a flashmovie/game (or anything else) or you know a way to colab, contact me!! (I'm using Reason 4 and unless someone can explain FL really good to me I'm not going to change... got a big sample base btw...) So tell me what you need/want and I'll see what I can do!
Greets, Chris

Hey There

2009-01-26 05:52:43 by ChrisisD

Hey there!
Just made this NG account and uploaded some of my songs...
There are many more... but not for y'all to listen (cause they
are still on trial) Hope you like my stuff! And if you don't, please
give some comments!!
C ya!