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2010-07-17 18:13:18 by ChrisisD

Hey all!
I've been working on quite some songs since I last wrote here. My latest is my take on minimal techno. Although it turned out to be way more funky than "real" minimal I really like it. Sort of a mix between minimal and st germain. The title is The Good, The Bad and The Minimal. Hope you take a listen and tell me what you think!
Cheers. Chris


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2012-03-16 09:51:49

If you're talking about "Kandidate 1403" it's a well made song and I downloaded it. The audio quality is good and it has good flow and transition.

ChrisisD responds:

The message you just responded at is actually rather old :P But I thank you for your comment about 'Kandidate 1403'! If you have any criticism to add, please do!